Drupal 7 Projects

Web Development

Custom Agricultural Product Website

  • Custom, layered pages. Functionality that allows for the unlimited placement of full width sections to a page. Each section can have a custom color scheme, utilizing each color from the company’s brand. The color scheme for the section is controlled from the edit page by the client. The client can add or remove layered sections as needed
  • The blog landing page features masonry styling
  • Custom-built store locator using some mapping features in Drupal to organize Store content
    • Zip code search form at the top
    • Stores listed on the left
    • A map with numbered markers representing the stores on the right
    • It automatically detects your address using geolocation and gives you the closest store locations on the map, ordered by distance

Digital Agency Website

  • A banner with the option to feature images or videos in the space
  • Calculated read time displayed at the top of blog posts
  • Ability for the client to select a specific related blog post they’d like to display at the bottom of the post page
  • Website users can comment on and like blog posts

Home Decor Company Website

  • Search function
  • Custom taxonomies, which option to filter by both on the products page:
    • Products page results grouped by product category taxonomy
    • Icons to represent the Product Features taxonomies associated with each product

Product Development Company Website

  • Parallax banners which have content overlays that fade away as you scroll down
  • Translucent content overlays on top of circular images which scale down with the image
  • A dynamic timeline created from Timeline content with a staggered design – image on left, dotted vertical border, description on right followed by description on left, dotted vertical border, image on right, etc.
  • Full-height, colored sidebar with a block that always is fixed to the bottom
  • Site search function

Wedding Venue Company Website

  • A main navigation that accommodates for the logo being in the center of it
  • A header which makes a very smooth transition into a fixed header with a simplified logo which follows you as you scroll down each page
  • A CSS double border overlaying the images
  • Buttons with background image textures which can scale with the button
  • Titles which center well with the pseudo class images applied to them
  • An image gallery which shows 8 images, a call to action, 8 more images, then a load more pagination for the rest (feed of gallery content with call to action blocks breaking up the layout)
  • A custom monthly calendar you can click through – built using events content the client created

Athletic Charity Event Website

This was a website created for an athletic charity event, which featured a custom map with markers along the map indicating various stops along the route with an associated blog post for each marker. The purpose was to allow people to see real-time updates during the progress of the event.

  • Dynamic map and blog listings page built using various mapping functions in Drupal
  • Looks at the Blog content and uses the geocoded location from a post to add a custom icon as a marker to the exact point on the US Map along the route
  • Custom skin for the map showing the route along the country highlighted
  • Clicking on a marker opens up the associated blog post with an optional photo gallery slider
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