Learning Management Website

Document Control, Web Development

Envisioned, built and styled in Drupal 7, this website served as an internal website meant for onboarding and training new and existing employees.

  • Content type for courses. When you click on a course, it has all of the different steps of the course at the top. You have to watch a video and fill out an assessment with a passing score in order to proceed to the next step of the course
  • The courses list, assessment scores, completed assessments, and video watch log with a date/time is displayed on the user’s dashboard, with a progress bar at the top showing how far along they are in their training
  • A supervisor can log in and ‘masquerade’ as another user to view their dashboard and see their progress and assessment scores
  • A processes page which lists all of the different processes in use by team members in the company
    • Functions to filter by title or process category (administrative, blogging, sales, etc.)
    • All internal procedures live in this system so any employee can log in find out how to do something
    • Procedures help employees in other departments know how to respond to an issue that another department would normally handle, if employees in that department aren’t available (e.g. what to do when the Internet is down, how to contact the hosting company when a server goes down, how to conduct an initial meeting with a new client, etc.)

LMS Website

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