WordPress Projects

Web Development

Realtor Listings Website

Takeover of an existing WordPress website which had broken functionality throughout it, left from the previous developer. I ended up recoding many key elements to work properly. These included:

  • Writing custom PHP to create a generated list in the sidebar indicating what neighborhoods the property you are currently viewing belongs in, with custom links on each list item linking to the relevant neighborhood pages (instead of archive pages)
  • Writing some PHP to pull properties from a certain neighborhood category and spit them out on each neighborhood page, with the results limited to 4 (had to use many functions together to achieve this)
  • Making many customizations to the theme and the dsIDXpress plugin to make them work the way the client wanted them to (which required a lot of special coding)

E-Commerce Website

Takeover of an existing WordPress website which involved heavy PHP/theme editing along with a deep understanding of how to modify elements in a WooCommerce application. These edits included:

  • Customization to WooCommerce’s default behaviors, including:
    • The display of the prices on the products displayed in the feeds (added “/gross” to products only in specific categories)
    • A custom title on the featured products banner
  • Coding in widgetized areas for their upcoming events and a special notice banner
  • Creating an animated GIF slideshow for the sidebar

Business Directory Website

WordPress website for a business directory for an inner city district. It was a recreation of their current website, within my custom WordPress theme. Features included:

  • Parallax styling
  • Animated headers that slide in on page load
  • Business Listings Directory built using a custom post type with custom fields
  • Custom taxonomy filter on the Directory archive page

Premier Thermoforming Manufacturer Website

Redesign for a premier thermoforming manufacturer, within a multisite setup. I was responsible for using a provided design to develop this website. This project included:

  • Custom features:
    • A splash page with background images spanning the full height of the browser
    • A masonry layout for the resources page using vanilla JavaScript and CSS Grid
    • Like buttons for posts
    • Utilization of different post formats in WordPress (standard and video) to create a custom resources archive page and custom testimonial blocks (quote post format)
  • Migrating a multisite setup from their hosting to ours
  • A thorough site audit before taking the site over to our hosting (and applying security rules to the website to harden the setup)
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