Website Design Projects

Check out some website designs I completed, which involved color palette & font selection and sitemap & task flow creation.

Datil Grill Website Design

Restaurant Landing Page

This is a landing page I designed and built for a fictional restaurant.

  • Custom designed logo
  • Color palette/font selection
  • Copywriting
  • Responsive and fully styled with SASS
  • Incorporated two npm packages (node-sass & clean-css-cli) for compiling the SASS. It creates a style.css & style.min.css file, properly formatted and saved in a dist directory

See the source code on my GitHub >

Digital Agency Website Design

Digital Agency Website

Redesign for a digital agency looking for a design that is more timeless and modern.

  • Call to action for the two potential types of users: people looking to learn and people looking for digital services
  • Key company strengths featured on the homepage: statistics, what differentiates them from the competition, their process, and case studies
  • Resources section with the calculated read time displayed on each blog post
  • Built in Drupal 8
  • Main service categories 'submenu'
Career Coach Website Design

Career Coach Website

Website for a career coach starting her own business.

  • Built in Drupal 8
  • Testimonial slider showing reviews in the same category as the page you're viewing
  • Created a background texture for the header using their unique icon graphic
  • Worked with the client to select a color palette and fonts
Historic Restoration Website Design

Historic Restoration Website

Website redesign for a company specializing in historic restoration of commercial and residential buildings. They were looking for a design that was more appealing to potential customers, with a large focus on SEO to bring awareness to their company/services.

  • Built in Drupal 8
  • Worked with the client in selecting the colors and fonts used
  • Strong calls to action and explanations of what they do
Construction Company Website Design

Construction Company

WordPress website facelift for a plastering construction company. The client requirements included: a professional look that appeals to general contractors & a more contemporary, clean look than what they were coming from.

  • Worked with the client to select a color palette and fonts
  • Layout which allowed for an attractive showcasing of their photos
  • Custom post types for services and portfolio projects
  • Bright, contrasting colors used for calls to action
SEM Landing Page Design

SEM Landing Page

This is a landing page I designed and built for a client to help with their SEM campaign.

  • Loosely based the design on the page they had on the corporate website for their business
  • Added large pictures of their best-looking cupcakes to inspire interest in the product in a sliding gallery
  • Incorporated some vibrant, fresh color to the overall design along with some other fun design elements and curves
Prototype UX Design

Prototype UX Design

This is the final prototype for a fictional website for Brewery Creek.

  • Collaborated in a three person group to create a working prototype
  • Creation of a proposal, list of business and user requirements, persona and top three user groups, sitemap, taskflows for the current and redesigned websites, wireframes, the final prototypes, and a usability test
  • Extensive, targeted keyword research